15 Biggest Vehicles Ever Made

24 Pri 2021
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Once, the largest machines were less than the size of a human being, as time has passed technology has developed incrementally, and today we are often blown away whenever we come across these Goliath sized machines, from the BelAZ 75600 to the NASA-Crawler-Transporter here are (15 Biggest Vehicles Ever Made)
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  • wow

  • Wow kool machine s

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  • I seen 20 tires on the Huge Green Beast

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  • wow those are huge

  • Oh... Wow...

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  • Fun fact. The huge dump trucks tires are over 12 ft tall and weigh over 12 thousand lbs. They cost average 50k dollars plus, and only last 6 months or so in hard mine use. We make them where I work.

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  • I had a dodge ram that was bigger than all thees

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  • I've noticed that most of these are used for digging and/or mining.

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  • All i see is possible to be upgraded to GUNTANK

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  • Would love to see some of these machines. Wow

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  • The jeep is actually not that large LMAO

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  • the Gulsun is the 3rd largest ship, not 1st

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  • Now Biden and his Squad want to get rid of coal, oil lines and all fossil fuels. Millions of jobs will be lost.

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  • This video failed to add underground boring machines. Those things are amazing and they're huge. Look them up folks. -dc

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