15 Epic Fails in the Army Caught on Camera

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Many army celebrations take place around the world. Given how extravagant they often are, they are almost always filmed. And that works in our favor because we get to see some pretty crazy stuff go down that probably shouldn’t! From a fall from a camel to messing with hand grenades, here are 15 epic fails in the army caught on camera.
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  • Tanks have so much torque for each engine contoling the left and right threads that it would not be impossible to tip it over should the driver looses control. I've sween it happen to bulldozers.

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  • Soldiers with flamboyant soldier outfits do flamboyant soldier rituals. It's a matter of time the drag queens will have a military division of their own, with full make-up.

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  • tank is clearly a toy.

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  • McDonald got a "Normal" wake up call on Port N Starboard watches if your eyes droop! Life Underway 24/7

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  • Im sorry but the Greek soldiers are wearing the GAYEST uniforms ive EVER SEEN!!

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  • Tanks turretheavy side on the turn

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  • To hard to the.right

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  • guy locked his knees and was about to throw up and pass out. out there too long and too much sun

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  • the camel brought back a funny memory when I was in the navy we made a port call and some of us went riding camel one of the peopl that went found it really odd they found a foot holed on the camel to climb up on it ummmmm she stuck her foot where the sun doesnt shine

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  • A tank being loaded on a transport truck can tip over quite easily.#startopic

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  • The tank is likely fell off the transporter.

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  • #startopic the tank was unloaded and fell of the lowboy semitrailer

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  • that was just Fiji doing his own thing but kinda sad and wrong she seems to quite like it royal thieves

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    • @Jan Marco Cervantes well the Indian guy fell off!

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  • #2 - one of my hvac instructors used to do that to me smh

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  • The one sleeping with the sergeant made me laugh the most :D

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  • ONLY a President like TRUMP, that LOVES his people and country, would have stopped

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  • the way the Russian world war II tank could have fallen on its side is improper loading on the flatbed of the military truck that was being used to transport it #Startopic

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