15 Most Amazing Homes Built by Animal Architects

5 Pri 2021
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The human race is capable of incredible things. I mean, have you seen the mansions our tradespeople and architects build? Well, as it turns out, animals are capable of spectacular things, as well. You won’t find them building mansions for us, but you will see them creating some beautiful things in nature. From ancient termite civilizations to bald eagle nests, here are 15 most amazing homes built by animal architects.
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  • Those wasps and termites are destructive and annoying animals yet they make great architects but maybe you should rethink letting them build you a house and I think you should have added weaver nests, I see them a lot and they are amazing builders.

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  • If all life on earth ceased to exist but left everything intact, aliens visiting earth would later say there were several intelligent species here.

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  • Army ants use there own bodies to build portable homes.

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  • Wonderful......pity about that silly voice over.

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  • Gotta love the Orb Weavers.

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  • Coolness overload

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  • Even in the animal kingdom female pick partners base on what they have,build or capable of

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  • The puffer fish was my favorite. How talented and cute. ♥️♥️♥️

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  • Awesome video! :D

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  • You should also add Hamerkop nest,a bird in Uganda that builds the most large nest you could ever imagine

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  • Where do birds get cotton balls?? I watched a documentary about beavers and they said when beavers hear the sound of running water they just HAVE to find the source and dam it up and eventually they make a pond. This fun fact is kinda weird...Beavers have a gland in their uuhhhh ummmm butt and apparently it's contents is used in food and perfume. I guess it's very valuable. when you see the words, "contains natural ingredients" it's usually referring to beavers butt juice!!!

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