Harry Potter Cast Then And Now

17 Pri 2021
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With a cast and story that has spanned and developed over many years, the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling was a massive title that helped to develop blockbuster actors for generations to enjoy, they gave us a treat to enjoy for years to come. Here, we have the Wizards of Hogwarts latest and greatest escapades; From the boy who lived under the stairs to the quirky friend turned into a wizarding hero; are the 15 Casts Of Harry Potter - THEN and NOW
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  • Have you even seen the movies? "Mrs. Ron Weasley". Really??

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  • Jesus Christ. Do more research before posting. Half the shiz in this video is incorrect.

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  • Dude Dudley didn't " blow up like a balloon", that was his aunt. Too many mistakes.

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  • Alan Rickman passed away in 2016. I enjoy your videos but please get your facts correct.

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  • You forgot to mention Alan Rickman has passed away in 2016

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  • Really wish he'd do his research on his videos. This is the 3rd mistake I've seen. Alan Rickman died back in 2016

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  • Do some research before you make a video, folks. Alan Rickman died in 2016.

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  • Dude, who does your research? Alan Rickman passed away from cancer in January 2016. You guys suck!

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  • WTF you talking about? Alan Rickman died 5 years ago from cancer. R.I.P

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  • Ummm are you mad Alan Rickman is dead you nutball

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  • maggie Smith was also in Secret Garen.

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  • RIP Alan Rickman🥺❤

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